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Why LBS?

Hello and Welcome! I am Racheal, owner and founder of Layton Business solutions. I am unapologetically me, I have carried the burdens you carry, I have walked in your shoes, I know how it feels, I have felt the burnout, the pressure of always doing too much, never knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes it's just time to let another person help you carry that weight, after all, is there anything better than having a fresh set of eyes go over all your accounts and Systems to help you strengthen your business.

Having worked my way through the construction industry and working side by side at director level I have learned so much and carry a huge toolkit to support my powerful skill set. I have seen most angles of business from the highs of travelling around Hong Kong and China, setting up exciting E-commerce stores, marketing and selling luxury lighting to high end projects, working on multi-million pound projects on Leicester Square and Albert Hall mansions all the way through to seeing a company be liquidated. I know the warning signs; I know the processes and most of all I can help you avoid the lows.

If I had to choose one saying or piece of advice it would be “Don’t put it off asking the question, pick up the phone and ask for help, what's the worst someone can ever say to you” …… “No” even then you have an answer and you're able to set yourself on a journey of discovery.

Are you ready to start that journey? Get in touch - from Start up to CEO I can help.

Look forward to speaking with you soon


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