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We all have a money story

It’s a history of financial decisions and influences that define how we view and treat money today.

When you understand your own money story, it can remove some of the barriers so you can make better financial decisions.

You will always have emotions surrounding money but if you can separate the emotional from the rational…

You’ll then be able to more clearly identify your true goals and make better financial decisions in your life and business.

Step 1: Do a Values Check ✨

Have you ever known someone who says they value their health, yet they never exercise and they constantly eat crap food?! 🤔

So many of us say we value one thing and then engage in activities that don’t support those values at all.

In some situations, particularly when my clients are struggling to articulate their money values, we start with choosing their top twenty values and then gradually refining that list to between five and seven.

Step 2: Ask yourself substantive questions ✨

Once you’ve narrowed down your values, ask yourself questions about each one.

For example, “What does this value really mean to me?”

This is important because everyone defines things like family, financial independence and freedom differently.

Step 3: Note when values collide ✨

As you begin to dig into your values and get a better understanding of your money story, you may find that some of your values collide.

This often requires a shift in your mindset in order to make sense of it all.

Step 4: Values and your family ✨

Think back to your earliest money memory and any emotions that surround it for you.

Then, think about how finances were viewed and discussed in your household.

You will likely begin to see that your upbringing still impacts how you view money now. This is another reason why clarifying your own values is important.

They evolve and change over time so it’s important to be sure you are living in a way that truly aligns with who you are now.

I love helping and supporting my clients with both the strategy and deeper mindset work that comes with financial empowerment.

If you would like to chat about your money story (I love hearing them) book in a free discovery call with me by heading to the link below.

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