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Meet My Clients

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You Don't Have To Know All Of The Answers

Business Solutions is so much more than just crunching numbers.

LBS have created a full circle approach to reconnecting construction businesses with their growth structure and values. Our mission was (and of course still is) to create a safe space where business owners could openly ask the questions they thought they shouldn't whilst helping you to regain financial control and the freedom from your business that you have been working so hard for, and that is exactly the structure that we have!

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Kind Words

"I have been working with Racheal for the last 2 years, Racheal was recommended to me by a friend within the industry. From being so hands on within my groundworking business I had let a lot of the paperwork side of the business get on top of me. I was suffering from overwhelm there was never enough hours in the day. Racheal came into the business at just the right time, she took care of systems, raising SOP so everyone now knows what and when to carry out tasks, she dealt with taxes which had become overdue, I am now in full control of the business, in fact the business is going from strength to strength, following the growth strategies we have planned out, I have new clients which has increased company turnover by an additional £350K. If you are thinking of working with Racheal, my advice is do it, she will hugely impact and benefit your business."

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Layton Business Solutions' Services

Layton Business Solutions is built on a foundation of industry expertise, empathy, and genuine care. LBS believe's that behind every construction business, there is a story of ambition, hard work, and dreams that sometimes feel like they are being crushed under uncontrollable waves. LBS knows that by nurturing these dreams and providing tailored solutions, we can unlock remarkable transformations and business freedom.

We offer a range of packages that can be tailored to your business needs, we are truly here to help!

Financing and Planning

One of the simplest yet complexed tasks in business is planning. Lets get clear on those plans and make your finances prosper.

Business Strategist

Supporting you to reach your goals sustainably by mapping out your business strategically. My specialist tool-kits support to find the right solutions you need. 

Business Mentoring

Providing the best business expertise and experience. Do you want accountability from a like minded business person, putting processes into action. Let’s work together so you can achieve your desired goals. 

Business Growth

Providing sustainable growth with the right foundations. Having grown and worked with multi million pound companies I can teach you the methods to achieve the growth you want.

Construction Contracting

We provide business owners with the right steps to achieve contractor status. Bringing first hand knowledge and experience of  working with investors in the City.

Accreditation and Growth

Do you have a strategy for your accreditation growth?

Accreditation is one of the strongest avenues to achieve business growth whether that be in construction, coaching, finance or beauty sectors

Start Up Management

Having worked with many startups over the years one of my passions is watching them go from strength to strength, let’s set out your goals and help you achieve them. What’s your biggest task today? send me an email lets talk

Accountancy Services

As an accountancy trained practitioner, I can help you understand the numbers within your business putting growth plans together. Payroll, VAT, CIS, Accounts if your looking for a done for you service, lets talk I have a solution for you. 


Being a Xero certified partner means we are able to further support your financial goals to  empower, streamline and improve your financial management, decision-making, and overall efficiency.
Contributing to the overall success and growth of these businesses by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to manage their finances effectively. Being a certified partner brings a special kind of power to your business!

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I’m Racheal, your growth and finance consultant aka ‘the money whisperer’ and business solutions specialist

Supporting business owners like you to achieve sustainable long term financial success with ease and simplicity.


I have been building strong foundations and nurturing business growth for over 20 years, mainly working in the construction industry. Whether you are at the beginning stages of your business journey or are looking to maximise your growth and are ready to scale, my knowledge and experience will support you every step of the way.

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So much to learn, so little time...

Join us on our blog as we share insightful strategies, inspiring real life stories, and expert advice, all wrapped in a warm, friendly atmosphere.


Let's reconnect you to your business's core values and empower you to unlock the true potential of your business venture. Get ready to sail towards a horizon of growth, clear goals, and lots of possibilities together!

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